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MALKHUT Preview (John Zorn's Masada, Book 3: Beriah)

by Secret Chiefs 3

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This is a preview of "Malkhut", Secret Chiefs 3's contribution to John Zorn's new Masada Book III: Beri'ah (in eleven-volumes). The preview you hear here consists of very short excerpts of six of the twelve songs on the record.

The Book Beri’ah is the final 92 compositions from Zorn's Masada cycle. It's coming in a limited edition box set of 11 CDs.

Our volume, MALKHUT, was an ENORMOUS undertaking for Secret Chiefs 3, years in the making. It is definitely a major event in our discography.

Like our previous Masada record (Xaphan), this release will be on Zorn's Tzadik label. We have made this preview with his blessing.

The Book Beri'ah boxset is available for pre-order in various configurations at

It will not be available here or at the Mimicry Store.

Here is the complete list of volumes:

CD1 Keter – crown SOFIA REI
CD2 Chokhma – wisdom CLERIC
CD3 Binah – understanding SPIKE ORCHESTRA
CD4 Chesed – loving kindness JULIAN LAGE-GYAN RILEY
CD5 Gevurah – severity ABRAXAS
CD6 Tiferet – beauty KLEZMERSON
CD7 Netzach – eternity GNOSTIC TRIO
CD8 Hod – splendor ZION80
CD9 Yesod – foundation BANQUET OF THE SPIRITS
CD10 Malkhut – kingship SECRET CHIEFS 3


Before anyone asks, for now there is no option to get any of these CDs in isolation from each other.

But don't let that deter you. I've had the pleasure of hearing a lot of the other music in this huge release, and have to say SC3 are in EXTREMELY GOOD COMPANY here. It's not just our label-mates CLERIC (but of course I'll mention the fact that they've unleashed a fine explosion here). And it's not just because SC3 drummer Kenny Grohowski is also heard in unrestrained glory on the ABRAXAS volume (Abraxas is always amazing). No, there's a lot more to it. A pleasant surprise has been discovering that there are some surprisingly large ensembles on Beri'ah, even bigger than Secret Chiefs 3 (and we have eight-musicians on Malkuth). What I've heard of ZION80's release is seriously excellent, highest pedigree Fela-grounded work, with an amazing production. Need also to mention KLEZMERSON, (who we played with in Mexico City, so we know the huge promise of the arranging skills here). They deliver BIG TIME on their release. SPIKE ORCHESTRA is another all out, really big band and production that hits the mark. In the end I think my personal favorite will turn out to be the BANQUET OF THE SPIRITS volume. But the smaller ensembles, GNOSTIC TRIO, SOFIA REI and the classical guitar arrangements of JULIAN LAGE-GYAN RILEY (Gyan is half of "Probosci", who also have a Mimicry release) feature such interesting and sophisticated interpretations of Zorn's tunes I'm left feeling both intimidated and excited by the creative resourcefulness of their arrangements.

Seriously, from Crown to Kingdom, Secret Chiefs 3 is by no means the only game in town here.


released March 9, 2018
Trey Spruance – guitars, clavinet, kinnor, analog synth pads, theater organ, extra percussion, nevel, glockenspiel, sound fx
Eyvind Kang – violin, viola
Ches Smith – congas, vibes, shakers, dumbek
Matt Lebofsky – piano, elec. piano, hammond and farfisa organ, moog
Kenny Grohowski – drums
Shanir Blumenkranz – bass
Jason Schimmel – guitar
Ryan Parrish - kaval



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