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Secret Chiefs 3: Ishraqiyun - Bereshith

from THE SYSTEM OF ANTICHRIST / Bereshith by Secret Chiefs 3



For now a delirious shorthand exposition.

Owing to the Sepher Yetzirah and the Zohar, we learned some things about the letter Beyt: as House, and construction of the Temple (turning always to the right), hence its cubic properties, also its cube-doubling division into upper and lower at the other big "B", Beriah (world of creation, where "one" splits into "two", Unity into Multiplicity), its position at the head of the alphabet and at the creation spoken into existence, first of all by the first word of Genesis, Bereshith, which can be analyzed several ways, all of which gracefully and almost magically relate back to and support the original conceptions.

This is an inadequate method of exposition, there's just too much to go into on this subject, and it will take a few pages. We'll do it eventually, but we want to leave interested listeners with something for now...

If we are already overwhelmed we are in good company, because Imam Ali also teaches of the Beh, and more importantly the dot beneath it, and of all the things that are compacted into that dot (the dot recapitulates the Beh, the Beh recapitulates the word Bismallah, first word of the Qu'ran, the Bismallah recapitulates the entire Qu'ran, the Qu'ran implies volumes of commentary that would fill the backs of 70 camels. All this is in the dot beneath the Beh. Yes, he actually says that, and it's not likely to be any kind of exaggeration)...

We digested a rhythmic structure that is usually considered a "six" but is really a "seven", or something in between. In any case an apparent six with a sublimated seven. And how appropriate is this to the subject at hand; cubes with 6 outer faces and an internal point where the three axes of spatio-temporality converge...

...or six days of the week marked like points on a circle's circumference, situated around a central seventh point. This seventh central point is connected to the six outer points on the circumference by six radial spokes. Time itself like a turning wheel, around the axis of an immobile void, eternally at rest.

On the 7th Day "God rests".

It would be appropriate here, how ever redundant, to bring to mind Solomon's Seal.

Is it too much to say that this Saturn-day of Sabbath rotates out the other six days from the recondite dot of origination found both in the "Bismallah" (word one of the Qu'ran) and the "Bereshith" (word one of the Torah)?

Yes, to say anything is to say too much.
And there's a ton more in the artwork.

But in an era of belligerent occidental fatwas, where no less than six lands are deemed forbidden, let us stand with al-Biruni and the hukama falawiyyun, and choose today (Nowruz!) to honor a timeless model of cosmic orientation (six keshvars around a seventh, Eran-Vej - six outer lands with a seventh in the center). For whatever reason this structure beats strongly like a parallel heart in our own in SC3-land!

Let's conclude by taking a cue from the deepest sense of Nowruz, which is the effort to synchronize, if it were possible today, by all of us taking the fortuitous moment to set our clocks to ZERO. That we could all make a pact to strive to keep them set that way over the decades, and the passing centuries...


Depending on interest, we're thinking of doing a "Geek Pack" of this song, where not just alternate mixes but also isolated performances in various configurations are available for listeners. These things get so dense, and it may be interesting for some people to hear into the inner workings. Also, there could be creative people who could reconfigure and jigsaw isolated bits into interesting things. Let us know if there are takers on this idea. It's something we could try out first with this song and perhaps expand on.


from THE SYSTEM OF ANTICHRIST / Bereshith, released March 21, 2017
Written and produced by Trey Spruance.
Drums, bass, electric saz and keyboard recorded by Billy Anderson at Prarie Sun Studios.
Viola and tabla recorded at Hyde Street Studios by Randall Dunn.
Everything else recorded by Trey Spruance at Forking Paths Studio.

Trey Spruance - electric and acoustic saz, nevel, dotar, daf, tar, hammond organ, chroma analog synth, casio AT-1

Peijman Kouretchian drums

Eyvind Kang - viola

Rich Doucette - esraj

Jason Schimmel - bass

Jai Young Kim - "arrakis" keyboard part

Mike Dillon - tabla

Ryan Parrish - kaval


all rights reserved



Secret Chiefs 3 San Francisco, California

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