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by Secret Chiefs 3

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C***k S******r
C***k S******r thumbnail
C***k S******r These guys rip it. Hard. So dance-y, too. Am I allowed to say that? Favorite track: Bereshith.
lemarfq thumbnail
lemarfq sc3 live changed me forever.....unbelievable music. every lineup has been beyond comparison. i get the chills of gratitude. all the records are beyond supurb. after years of shows its so amazing to hear studio versions i have memorized into my dna.
very cool.
im sure everyone wants this stuff to be pressed on vinyl so ill just wait for that and help fundraise! this music touches me in an unspeakable way. true terror and love! Favorite track: Bereshith.
Jeff Richardson
Jeff Richardson thumbnail
Jeff Richardson I've been waiting 11 years to hear a studio recording of Bereshith. Very glad this day has come. Favorite track: Bereshith.
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There's a petrol-casino at the top of the world, and in it there's a great roulette wheel spinning widdershins. Insider games of quantity for the big-scale molecule shufflers, the House deals out fates to a world blinded by the Orient/Occident mirage and the SYSTEM of ANTICHRIST. The stakes are high and the big winners are crowned le «Roi du Monde» by their amateur Cakravartin... one after the other... but everyone knows the House always wins in The SYSTEM of ANTICHRIST. In it is strength. He shall establish. The SYSTEM of ANTICHRIST. Not being entranced by Cartesian dualism, the ancient Egyptians situated the top of the world at the South Pole. The Manichaeans on the other hand, saw the southerly direction as blatantly "evil". But in the equatorial realms it would make better sense to orient towards the rising sun, towards the eternally unfolding scroll of the world. This would put the rotating Casino of the North on the "Left Hand" where it probably belongs. But the quantitatively-inclined ought not be too surprised when the cardinal points themselves seem to twist to suit the widdershins counter-initiaton of The SYSTEM of ANTICHRIST With sleight-of-hand transvaluations, the advent of Big History, and a techno soundtrack of Nordic pseudo-FRAVAŠI, the sound-and-light spectacle of false hope reaches its apex and seduces all into The SYSTEM of ANTICHRIST Not long ago there was a sacred call that went something like "penetration of the mundane by the marvelous" to which a few bold luminaries responded. Today with the impotence of all arts under Capitalism, Communism, Socialism, Anarchism, Fascism, Egalitarianism and Pragmatism, the artist-manque propped up by these regimes can barely manage a lukewarm attempt to "penetrate the marvelous with the mundane". On the contrary, he/she quite enthusiastically trumpets grey anthems to the glory of the very same SYSTEM of ANTICHRIST All dolled up with nowhere else to go but the transhuman experiment in immortality... says a literal Vampire. We'll see what the God of Quantity has to say about that. But the back-spinning clocks herald a new kind of morning, and a new kind of daylight, from the same deadly sun. So, Dr. Youngblood, what kind of coffin can shield us from the sun rising in the occident? Make quick work of the Great Work. Mephistopheles suggests you get it done before they switch on the machine in the full-scale implementation of The SYSTEM of ANTICHRIST


[Be sure to visit each song page so you can read the liner notes, and view/download the giant art files specific to each song].

Secret Chiefs 3. "Upsizing" when we should be "downsizing"...

We find ourselves in an era where all logic says "simplify, streamline, make a duo or trio version of the band" or "let technology carry the heavy weight", but we refuse this line of thinking... totally REFUSE!

While it may be sad that musical ensembles made up of multiple humans might be going the way of the dodo, for an audacious spirit there is nothing better than a LOST CAUSE...

The perfect time to defy all of it is NOW.
So let's go big, not small...

Won't you join us as we submit to your ears:

The SYSTEM of ANTICHRIST (Traditionalists)


Bereshith (Ishraqiyun)


released March 21, 2017

2017 Web of Mimicry
Both songs written and produced by Trey Spruance.

Fundraising note:

SC3 are not adverse to reason, and for sure we admit these kinds of productions are totally unsustainable. Even though we are trying to think of these Bandcamp singles as "fundraisers", you can probably imagine the bottom line. In addition to the mass quantity of semi-professional home recording done at Forking Paths, there's time and money spent on these recordings in world class studios like Prarie Sun and Hyde Street Studios, as well as up & coming studios like the Bunker, none of which is insignificant. Additionally we rack up a pretty huge number of real (paid) professional players, as you can see/hear, with a couple in the inner circle graciously foregoing royalties for these fundraisers, and all of whose efforts add to the thousands of hours of personal work & intense concentration towards production details (often to make up for the lack of genuinely good studio equipment, ie it's time consuming but it works). Everything happens through love of the work and commitment to excellence, pretty much exclusively. Close followers of the band might be questioning, and we already answer yes, these singles take shape while we work on three full-length albums, simultaneously, all of which are extremely different from each other. And rather huge undertakings. Bear in mind that there are no arts or culture foundations behind us, no magic record label dollars to hire publicists etc., no will to exploit our 'multicultural' aspects for culture points, no time to shop our back-catalog to Hollywood or the tech-bro scene. You are our only source of support. And by God we love you for it! Totally impossible to do any of this otherwise. Well, it seems you've endured this paeon far enough...!


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Secret Chiefs 3 San Francisco, California

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